Welcome! Why Choose Us?

We are a team of attorneys specializing in different fields and having different expertise. We deal will client with the maximum of care and diligent and further put the client first in everything we do.

We all the Partner always had a dream and hope of opening a large law firm which will serve the community at a rate that is acceptable and competitive to the market. We started to have those discussions while we were at Law School on Practical Legal Training classes, we carried the same dream and started saving for the new business to be born. We started our discussion while we were 8 of us but some other members were taken by other commitments

The remaining members contributed and started a new business (Law firm). Our intention is to build a legacy and maintain a good standard of a profession of attorneys.
The membership of the firm is in run under super vision and directorship of Mr. Vukani Excellent Mthembu.

EMA is also in association with the following Law firms, Nkosi Attorneys, Thembi E Mawelela Attorneys and Mboweni Attorneys.

For assistant purposes the firm director is assisted by the paralegal as Office manager and assistance Mr. N.B Mapiyeye.

As professionals we work very hard in assisting and bringing resolutions to our client’s matters with pure passion and in supremacies and diligence manner.

We are also open for joint ventures, partnership and incorporated companies.




“We make your biggest legal problem our minor challenge ...

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EMAttorneys in a legitimate way which is also acceptable and unique to the public at large.

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Office Manager


We will stay relevant to the market in all relevant ways and always alerted with the new life improvements and new ways of communication

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