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Excellent Mthembu Attorneys

We are a team of attorneys specializing in different fields and having different expertise. We deal will client with the maximum of care and diligent and further put the client first in everything we do.


(High Court, Magistrate's Court, General & Commercial)
Litigation generally refers to the process in terms whereof an Attorney institutes legal action against another person on behalf of his client, or alternatively where an Attorney defends his client against legal action so instituted.

We provide advice and draft the necessary documentation

Services pertaining to Notarial Practice – relates to the creation and/or transfer of real rights of land as well as the registration of Antenuptial Contracts.

We render advice on and assist with the drafting of:

●    Antenuptial Contracts
●    Servitudes
●    Execution of Prospecting
●    Notarial Bonds
●    Cession of Exclusive Use
●    and all matters relating thereto

We render advice and assist our clients with negotiating and drafting agreements relating to various Commercial and Corporate transactions.

We render advice on and assist with:

●   Drafting of Lease Agreements in respect of:
●   Houses (furnished / unfurnished)
●   Farms
●   Small Holdings
●   Sectional Title Units (furnished / unfurnished)
●   Business premises
●   Drafting of Agreements in respect of the sale or letting of movable property
●   Drafting of Agreements in respect of the sale of:
●   Member's Interest in Close Corporations
●   Shares in Companies
●   Businesses
●   Acknowledgement of Debt, Suretyships, Special and/or General Powers of Attorney
●   Establishment and Dissolution of Companies, Close Corporations, Trusts and Partnerships

●   Standard Bank of SA Limited
●   First National Bank
●   First National Bank Commercial
●   Absa Bank Limited
●   Nedbank Limited
●   Eskom Finance Company SOC Limited

Conveyancing deals with inter alia the transfer of ownership of land from one person to another.
Our firm renders the following services:

●   Advice on and drafting of Contracts of Purchase / Deeds of Sale including:
●   Houses
●   Farms
●   Small Holdings
●   Sectional Title Units
●   Business Premises or any other immovable property
●   Registration of Transfers, Bonds, Bond Cancellations
●   Opening of Sectional Title Registers together with the transfer of units to end-    users.
●   Cluster Developments
●   Sub-divisions and Consolidations
●   Affordable Housing and Leasehold Transfers
●   Servitudes, Notarial Bonds, Notarial Deeds and Ante-nuptial Contracts (also see     Notarial Practice)
●   and all matters relating to the above
●   Deceased Estate Transfers
●   Divorce Transfers
●   Substitution of Debtors

We render advice and assist our clients with the drafting of their Wills.  Administration  of Estates, deals with the process, culminating in the winding-up of a deceased person's estate.
We render the following services:

●   Advice on the planning of estates
●   Drafting of Wills and Trusts
●   Administration of Deceased Estates
●   Advice and assistance with financial planning, including long term insurance

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